Top 5 Pieces Of Furniture For Nail Salons 

furniture for nail salons

There’s furniture and then there’s furniture for nail salons. It needs to be functional, it needs to be sleek, it needs to be comfortable and it must be durable. 

Need a helping hand with your nail salon shopping list? This blog is here to rescue you from overwhelm and indecision. Our experts have compiled a list of our top five products to help you ascertain what equipment is needed for a salon that’s both practical and luxurious. 

From nail technician tables and chairs to decorative pieces that will make your nail salon pop, we’ve got you covered. 

Bliss Double Nail Desk

It’s comfortable, has storage and is a beauty to behold. Our bliss double nail desk is truly unique with a marble surface, velvet edgings and gold trim. If you want your salon to scream luxury, this nail desk is the one for you. It is also scratch and liquid resistant so you can relax as you treat your clients to some top-shelf nail work. 

Want to add that extra touch? Our Jade Marble Handrests are both comfortable and timeless.

Retro Chair

Plush, understated and on-trend, our retro chair is a client’s dream come true. Getting your nails done is no longer a quick task, your clients might be there a while so it’s best to make sure they’re comfortable. With a velvet cushion and gold trim, these chairs are also the perfect match for our bliss nail desk range. 

Valentina Nail Desk

Our Valentina nail desk comes in a variety of colours with matching chairs available to order. These desks not only allow you to customise your nail salon but are an opulent addition to any space. There is also storage for a nail lamp and drawers for those extra handy bits. This desk is also very durable and is scratch and liquid-resistant.

Tartan Chair

Want to be bold and stand out from the crowd? Our tartan nail salon chairs are a modern statement piece that will set you apart from your competition. The low base makes it the perfect manicure chair for your clients and the black and white material means it will go with a variety of colour schemes. 

Belle Beauty Boxes

Strictly speaking, they’re not nail salon furniture but ‘wow!’ do these beauty boxes catch the eye! These rich and elegant storage containers with gold edging are a triumph for nail technicians as the clear panels allow you to find your products easily and ensure the cleanliness of your tools. The Belle beauty boxes have two compartments, are of high quality and are very affordable. 

At Top Style, we cater to all salon types but we thought it was about time that we shone a light on our top nail salon pieces. But this is just the beginning! 

We stock a huge range of furniture for nail salons and invite you to browse our online store or download our brochure. We also sell professional electric nail file machines and a variety of gel polishes. Have a question? We’re here to help!

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