The Do’s And Don’ts Of Revamping Your Hair And Beauty Salon

Hair And Beauty Salon

It should be an exciting time, to revamp your salon. You have obviously worked hard on your business and now it’s time to give it a little facelift, a new lease of life. 

However, sometimes when we speak with clients this isn’t the case. For some redecorating a salon can be a stressful task and often it’s because they don’t know where to start. 

That’s where we come in.

Top Style is not your average salon furniture provider. We go far beyond beauty salon equipment, and luxury interiors, we also help you plan your space. Taking the nightmare decisions out of what should be an exhilarating experience. 

Have a question about what products would suit your salon the most? Just get in touch with our expert team for a free, no-strings consultation. 

In the meantime, here are our most important dos and don’ts when revamping your salon using some of the world’s most well-known phrases. 

We say it because it’s true.  

What To Think About When Redecorating Your Salon

Cheap is not always cheerful

One of the most frequent mistakes we see is salon owners buying the cheapest products thinking they’re getting the best deal. However, the cheaper options usually need to be changed more regularly due to wear and tear or lack of versatility, and actually end up costing more.

During our consultations, you can let our advisers know your budget and they will find the highest quality products for you within that range.

Less is more

When clients come to us with a redesign idea we are all for bold and beautiful concepts. It is important to remember that some trends do not stay in fashion for very long so, if you’re going to go big, make sure you’re ready to call it home for some time, as the expense of changing your interiors based on what’s current can be expensive.

Create space, create harmony

All salons are different shapes and sizes so it’s important to make the most out of it no matter what you’re faced with. In our experience, mirrors work wonders when it comes to creating a more open and calming atmosphere, and they’re easy to maintain and rarely go out of style.

Using beautiful mirrors will add a touch of luxury, and if you work under dim lighting the reflections will make your clients feel like they’re relaxing under the stars. You can shop our range of mirrors via our website.

If you’re working in a more compact space, consider products like our Mona Pedicure Basin, with a recliner feature, and a foot bath that stores under the seat when it’s not needed. We have lots of great space-saving ideas, just ask!

Comfort is key

Yes, we want your salon equipment and furniture to look their best but if your clients aren’t comfortable, they’re not likely to return. Modern and fresh salon furniture with a comfy twist will always do well and we stock a variety of exclusive, luxury brands that do just that. 

Top Style Salon Furniture Ireland

We deliver all of our salon furniture across the country. Should you wish to place an order with us for multiple items, please speak with a member of our team who will provide the best possible deal for you. 

You can get in touch with us online or download our brochure to browse our range.

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