Our Top 5 Picks for Quality Pedicure Basins For Your Beauty Salon

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Whether you’re just starting out in the beauty industry or have run a nail salon for years, choosing the right pedicure basin and all the accessories – such as pedicure foot bowls – that go with it may be a real challenge. With the pedicure basin prices varying, it might take some time and effort to locate reasonably priced pedicure equipment that also features the functionalities you want. From portable pedicure basins to pedicure bowls with footrests, at Top Style, we’ve got you covered. 

Our professionals are here to answer any questions you may have so that you can make a well-informed, economically-sound purchase. But before getting there, in this article, we will examine the varied pedicure spa chairs on the market, the components that make up a high-quality pedicure chair, and the add-ons that might make your life as a professional nail technician easier. Let’s have a look at our top 5 picks for quality pedicure basins for your nail salon. 


Our Beny Pedicure Spa Basin is upholstered in elegant beige faux leather, adding to your space a modern appeal. This chair is not only visually appealing, but it also boasts a plethora of excellent functions. 

It may provide your clients with a full-body massage while simultaneously giving them a foot treatment, resulting in an overall excellent user experience. What’s best is that it also comes with a matching beauty chair.


Our Venti Basin is traditional, simple to use, and long-lasting. This basin has a high-quality black fake leather chair and footrest, as well as a brilliant white backdrop and silver additions.

The chair may be reclined with the remote control, and several massage settings are available. Our Venti Basin enhances your clients’ soothing and boosts your professional services simply and effectively.


Every salon should have our Luxe Pedicure Spa Basin. This is the most luxurious basin on the market, with every additional feature you can imagine. Our Luxe Basin is upholstered in cream leather. It has a complete reclining chair and full hot body massage settings that are all controlled by a remote. 

Its pedicure basin stretches in and out beneath the chair, creating more room in your salon while making it seem more professional and tidier. It also includes two hand rests stretching out, allowing the customer to simultaneously receive a manicure and a pedicure. The chair also has electrical hookups for additional items, such as lights. The LED lights included contribute to offering a wonderfully relaxing experience to your customers.


The gorgeous Moda Basin is comfy, on-trend, and spacious. It has high-quality black fake leather, gold edgings, and a white basin. This basin will match a range of colour schemes since it is incredibly pleasing to the eye. 

As they lean back to enjoy their treatment, this basin will instil in all of your customers a sense of relaxation and elegance that will make them feel really pampered. As experts in the field, we’re allowed to say that every beauty parlour should have at least one of our Moda Basins.


Our Royal Pedicure Basin is a must for any salon. This is the most opulent basin of our collection, and it comes with every possible accessory that you could ever wish for. It’s made of beige leather and has a completely reclining chair, an LED basin, and a charging port for mobile devices. 

The foot basin for the pedicure may move in and out from beneath the chair, freeing up more space in your salon and making your job easier and more sanitary. Offer your customers a beautiful and peaceful pedicure experience enhanced by LED lights, which help them relax even more.

Luxury Pedicure Basins at Top Style Ireland

Think carefully about all the factors involved before settling on a choice. Pedicures are the most popular service in nail salons, and customers often crave to sit on fancy chairs to enjoy the soothing effects of the treatment on their feet and legs. Top Style has a wide selection of pedicure basins ideal for any salon. 

Our basins may be used for more than one purpose, and we’re continuously adding new designs to provide our customers with a wider range of options. Our team is here to assist if you’re in the market for new salon equipment but also need some guidance on design and functionality. Contact us, and let’s discuss your business needs & expectations.

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