Key Considerations While Selecting a Beauty Massage Chair For Your Salon

massage chair in ireland

There are few salons in the world that don’t need a beauty chair. Whether you are a hair salon, barber, beautician or brow bar, many spaces need to have functional and comfortable chairs. That’s why massage chairs are lining the walls of businesses across the country. Finding the right massage chair in Ireland is no easy task but luckily for you, we have a great selection.

When searching for a massage chair it is important to consider the following factors.

Is it comfortable for the client?

First and foremost, the massage chair you choose needs to provide solace for your clients. Offering a massage chair may sound luxurious but if you don’t provide one of quality and comfort, the client will not be impressed or enjoy their experience.

Can you easily do your job using the chair?

You’ve chosen the best full-body massage chair in Ireland but it’s awkwardly shaped and now you can’t do your job efficiently – not a great look. Before purchasing a chair you must think about what you’re using it for and whether it is practical for your needs. 

Is there enough space in your salon?

Massage recliner chairs in Ireland are huge right now but it’s not much use if your client can’t recline with ease. If you own a small salon, better to create the illusion of space than highlight the shortage of it with a recliner. Your customers will end up feeling cramped and like they’re missing out.

Our Mona Pedicure Basin is a great example of a stylish and comfortable space saver. Let your clients relax and float away while you do your job with ease and fold the basin under the seat if you don’t need it.

Massage Chairs at Top Style Ireland

At Top Style, we have a range of massage chairs to suit many salon types. Some of our chairs are also multifunctional and we are always bringing in more styles to give our clients endless choices.

Our Capsule Pedicure Spa Basin, one of our most luxurious massage chairs is the perfect addition for salons who want to offer next-level services. It is a multifunctional foot spa and pedicure chair with an adjustable headrest and a 360 swivel tray. Most notably it also has a two and four-section massager.

The Riley Basin is of high quality but at a lower price point than some of our other chairs. Providing overall support, this sleek and functional chair has body massage features and a moveable back unit. 

We have more massage chair and basin options on our website. You can also chat with a member of our team to discuss your needs. Our experts are not just here to sell you salon equipment; we offer advice on interior and functionality so that we can help you make the most informed decision possible.

Have any questions? Just get in touch.

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