Interior Design Tricks For Your Salon  

salon interior design

Deciding what look to create in your salon is one of the toughest decisions you will make as a business owner. Not only do you need it to be functional, but the space also needs to reflect your brand and provide comfort for the client. 

Of course, much of what goes into your salon will be based on personal taste but you attract what you put out into the universe, so let’s do our best to make sure your interior and equipment are of high quality.

We have put together a few of our tips and tricks when designing a salon and our favourite products to help you decide on your salon’s interior design

If you still find yourself pondering what it is you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us for a free styling consultation.

Tips & Tricks For Salon Interior Design

Salons come in all shapes and sizes. Small salon interior design can be exquisite and spacious and decorating larger rooms does not have to be overwhelming.  


First of all, it is important to ensure that you allow yourself enough workspace. Measure the units you wish to install and leave enough room for you to work comfortably. Remember, if a client feels cramped, the luxury experience is compromised. 


Working in a bustling environment? Great! We’re glad business is going well but with a lot of appointments comes a lot of potential for staining. Make sure that you consider this and the types of products you use before picking a colour palette. 


Use varied lighting styles to create more of an atmosphere. Hanging lights at different lengths and directions can help you to create the ideal calming effect in the busiest of places. 


When buying salon equipment it can be tempting to look outside of the EU. But remember, it is illegal to use equipment and appliances that have not been approved for use in Ireland so do your homework first. 


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; if you’re working with a small space utilise mirrors as much as possible. Mirrors create the illusion of more depth and light and add a touch of class. 

Here are some of our favourite, most versatile products. 

Valentina Nail Desks 

Striking, modern, and sleek, our Valentina nail desks come in a variety of colours to suit your tastes. The beautiful material and gold trim make it a luxury addition to any salon and plush matching chairs are also available.

Mabel Nail Desk 

Our Mabel nail desk takes luxury design to a whole new level. The white marble and gold trim mean it will match any interior and there is lots of room to store your supplies. The Mabel is also available at €399, a suitable option when looking for low-budget beauty salon interior design options that don’t compromise on taste or quality.

Mona Pedicure Basin 

The faux leather Mona pedicure basin is a stunning piece. This chair provides pure comfort and is a great space saver as the basin can be stored underneath the seat and its neutral, calming tones will look good in a variety of interiors. 

Allure Hair Salon Basin

Bold and beautiful, the Allure hair salon basin is comfortable, trendy and spacious. With high-quality black faux leather, gold edgings and a white basin, it will complement a variety of colour schemes and is extremely appealing to the eye. The Allure will give all your clients the feeling of relaxation and luxury as they lie back to enjoy their treatment.

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