4 Tips on How to Choose The Best Manicure Table for Your Salon’s Needs

manicure table

Refurbishing your salon is a great way to boost morale and encourage creativity among your staff while appealing to new clientele. Of course, nail salons can’t function without manicure tables, and this is where you should start from. A manicure table is a crucial piece of equipment for any nail technician since it affects the quality of service they provide to their customers. 

Your ability to gain your customers’ satisfaction quickly and efficiently will depend on the kind of table you use. However, picking the perfect table may take a lot of work due to the wide variety of styles and sizes available. Numerous factors should be considered, including mobility, design, and utility. Keep reading to find four tips to help you choose the best manicure table for your salon’s needs. 

1. Set your budget in advance 

Like everything else in life and business, new manicure tables are only as excellent as your budget allows. Fortunately, a high-quality nail table for manicures is relatively inexpensive. Shopping will be considerably less stressful if you know how much you are willing to spend. 

Set your budget and purchase a good manicure table without breaking the bank. You may find the perfect manicure table for sale in Ireland from 100 euros to 600 or even more. 

2. Choose a nail table that suits your style & interior design

The aesthetics of the manicure table you’ll choose are determined by personal taste and the current design of your salon or spa. Consider how your new manicure table will look in your professional space and whether its colour and general appearance will complement the rest of your salon’s design. 

Remember that even though all of the tables serve the same function, we believe that style is quite essential, particularly for your customers, as it improves the appearance of your salon and increases your trustworthiness. 

Top Style Bonus Tip: If the interior is primarily composed of wood panelling, it makes sense to choose a wooden table to complement the decor. On the other hand, rooms with a futuristic motif would be supplemented by tables constructed of marble and steel. A marble surface example would be our single Valentina nail desk, in navy blue with gold trim, which exudes opulence. 

3. Opt for a practical and easy-to-use manicure table

Take your table’s functionality into account. When investing in a new table, think about space first – for example, is there enough tabletop area for your tools and nail polishes to be used during the manicure? Is there a lamp or an armrest on your manicure table to facilitate your technicians’ job? 

Organising and saving materials will simplify your job. Trays, shelves or dividers might help you get started. A functional table will help you keep everything close, so you can work efficiently without looking for your handpiece.

Top Style Suggestion: This is our one-of-a-kind twin Bliss nail workstation, upholstered in plush grey velvet with gold accents. Two nail technicians may share this modern and chic workstation. The neutral colour palette of this item makes it easy to include in any design. 

4. Consider the material of your manicure table

Regarding the material, note that nail professionals often utilise solvents and colours. So, make sure you pick out a high-quality nail table with a coating that can withstand being cleaned with acetone without fading out. 

Melamine desks are durable, won’t scratch easily, and are the least expensive. The ability to repel dust is an important factor, too, so you should consider buying a manicure table with a dust collector. 

Let us help you find the best manicure table for your salon’s needs

To ensure your nail techs can provide the service that keeps customers coming back, it’s important to provide your salon with the correct furniture, equipment, and tables. 

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, our helpful team of professionals are here to help you out. Browse through our nail desks available and let us provide you with the best manicure table for your spa or salon that meets your requirements. To view our full range, click here. 

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